Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hasselblad Lunar : Most Luxury mirrorless cameras

In the heat of competition between brand CSC cameras currently make premium brand Hasselblad classmates come tempted. This accomplishment through a product called Hasselblad camera Lunar.

Plunged into competition CSC cameras, Hasselblad was not alone. This Swedish brand took Sony to collaborate. This camera comes with adopting specifications and technologies of Sony NEX-7. Such as the 24.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, electronic viewfinder hole OLED tech, TriNavi Navigation system, a flexible display, up to the lens mount system that supports the E-mount and A-mount Sony's.

What distinguishes Hasselblad Lunar with the Sony NEX-7 is the packaging. Lunar Hasselbald comes with a modern classic body design made ​​of metal materials combined with an excellent selection of premium.

Body and hand gripnya can be ordered specially. You can order the body to be coated with gold, and for the hand gripnya available in a choice of materials of carbon fiber, titanium, wood or leather. That's why Hasselblad Lunar awarded The Ultimate Luxury Mirrorles Camera at Photokina event that took place some time ago.

If you are interested to have it, Hasselblad Lunar priced at U.S. $ 6,500 and will go on sale early in 2013. Interested?
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