Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nyko PlayPad & PlayPad Pro : Two Color Colorful Bluetooth Game Controller

Last June, Nyko introduced a controller or stick to playing games on smartphones and tablet PCs as PlayPad and PlayPad Pro. Now they have come with the price of each $ 40 or less than four hundred thousand dollars to the choice of attractive colors.

Connect sticks with Android v.3.0 Honeycomb devices up via Bluetooth, put your device in a special holder that has been provided, then play your favorite games like on consoles. Of course besides easier, your hands will not get tired because of exposure to heat from the engine, for example.

Controller is compatible with many unusual games you download from Google Play Store. It also has some functions such as a mouse to explore the other features such as surfing the internet. Moreover, you can also mengostumisasi buttons as needed. One again, your iPhone or iPad users can also use this stick as comfortable as Android users.
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