Friday, December 7, 2012

ZAGG Announces Bluetooth Keyboard Case for iPad Mini

Yet over a week since the announcement of the emergence of iPad Mini by Apple, it turns out some accessory vendors with whom Apple already announced its brand to a tiny version of the iPad. One is ZAGG casing that has been packed with a Bluetooth keyboard. For users of the iPad or iPhone may already be familiar with this Zaggmate manufacturers. There are two variants of the announcement, which Zaggkeys Zaggkeys Mini 7 and Mini 9. As per the name of the model, Zaggkeys Mini 7 appear more petite with a standard keyboard arrangement.

While Zaggkeys Mini 9 comes with a size larger and heavier, but already has some additional function keys as well as the size of the buttons are a little bigger. Casing can also serve as a stand to prop the iPad Mini is used when typing. In the closed condition, this case must also serve as a protection so that iPad Mini avoid collision or unwanted scratches.

Both of these cases will be equally priced U.S. $ 89.95 and is expected to be present starting on 2 November 2012. If you have a 7-inch tablet other brands such as Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch or Google Nexus 7, you can still use Zaggkeys Mini 9. In addition to case, ZAGG also provides anti-scratch for the iPad Mini in two specifications for U.S. $ 29.99.  Credit : (

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