Saturday, December 8, 2012

Philips FWP3200D: iPod Dock Plus Turntable Portable

iPod and iPhone is never shortage of audio dock, but this one is quite unique. Philips artificial means is not only the volume iPod or iPhone, but it also could be a portable turntable to enliven your friend's party.

Philips FWP3200D is a Mini Hi-Fi System with two turntables dock for iPhone / iPod at the same time. Fortunately, for those who only have one Apple devices only, Philips also offers a USB connection for other devices as well stick with the AUX jack.

Although the shape quick, Philips is FWP3200D have adequate total sound power output of 300W. At the front there is a pair of 5.25-inch subwoofer is capable of measuring light up to the rhythm of the music being played. Color LED lights can be alternated automatically. Cool is not it?

To play, Philips offers two ways. First, you can perform mixing and scratching on the turntables set FWP3200D. Or you can also use the app on the iPhone as DJ Algoriddim Djay app to do so.

Party machine from Philips has been sold? 300, or approximately USD 4.5 million dollars. Although a bit expensive compared to regular iPod dock, but still cheaper than buying DJ equipment. Unfortunately, Philips FWP3200D only available in the UK only.
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