Saturday, December 8, 2012

Tom Box: Recycled Retro Speaker with Modern Features

Oldies But Goodies. We're sure you've heard the term. If you are a lover of retro gadgets, Tombox diefabrik derived from the following manufacturers are obliged to have.

Tombox is the work of designer Laudahn and Hölldobler. Speaker is claimed to be different from other speakers because it has its own uniqueness. Because Tombox made ​​from discarded retro speaker then recycled with the addition of a few modern features that exist on the current speaker. Like for example the built-in battery that can last up
to 2 weeks, the port for charging other gadgets battery and 3.5mm jack cable to connect to a laptop, smartphone, tablet PC or MP3 player.

You can choose Tombox in 7 different designs for a portable size and 3 + Tombox design for the larger size complete with wheels and a pull rope. Given Tombox made ​​of the former speaker, these speakers become more special as only 1 unit for 1 design. While this still left 7 units. So do not miss ya.

Tombox priced starting from 190 EUR, or about U.S. $ 233. If interested, you can order it here.
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